Azultura - About Us

Who we are

Azultura is not a massive, 'faceless', hospitality business, we are a small, 'Mom & Pop', organization with our HQ in Texas, and a branch office in Málaga, Spain.  We created the company to provide quality vacation opportunities at a reasonable price in places we love.  Our current focus is on the Costa del Sol and our flagship apartment is in the Benal Beach complex in Benalmádena.  We have a great local team of property managers and housekeepers dedicated to making sure our properties are always fully equipped and spotlessly clean - ready for our guests to enjoy.

Why we started Azultura

One of our founders travels for a living.  As such, he has experienced all manner of temporary accommodation, from the cheapest hotels to the most luxurious of villas, and everything in between.  What he has found is that there are relatively few things that make the difference between a great place to stay and an awful one and that it is surprising how many people, 'in the business', don't understand, or seem to care.  There are certainly differences between places you need when you are away for work vs. on vacation, but the core is always the same:

1) You need a place to sleep and that means a great bed, good, clean linens and a cool, quiet environment.

2) You need to be close to where you want to be during the day, because time spent traveling to and fro the hotel is wasted time.

3) You need places to eat that range from good and cheap food that won't break the bank on a longer stay, to 'nicer' dining options that can give you an experience you couldn't or wouldn't get a home anyway.

4) You need somewhere to park a car - it's nice to be able to travel without one and the very best locations will make having a car unnecessary but, when you have to have one, being unable to park near where you are staying is just extra stress you don't need.

5) Everything you need should be included in the cost, upfront, with no 'hidden' charges - once you've paid for your vacation you want to know that's how much it will cost, it isn't pleasant to get a bill for 'extras' at checkout.

On top of these 5 basics, when you are on vacation, particularly if its a family vacation, a few extras go a long way:

1) If it's a 'beach vacation' then the beach should be an easy stroll that doesn't require piling everyone into a car to get there.  Likewise, if you went on vacation to see the sea, then you should be able to see the sea!

2) Included activities (like pools, waterslides, a decent TV with great movies and video games, etc.) provide entertainment for those times that you don't want to make an expedition out of the day to 'go somewhere'.

3) For times when you do want to make an expedition out of the day, there is no such thing as 'too much to see and do'.

4) Laundry facilities (at no extra charge - see point 5 above) on-site mean you can pack a lot lighter (and perhaps save money on flight charges) and regular cleaning services (not just once at the beginning) mean that 'everybody' gets a vacation, not just the kids.

5) A fully equipped kitchen combined with a grocery store on-site (or very close) means that you don't have to eat out every day and can make the holiday budget go a lot further.

When we looked at the options that were available that meet these simple goals we weren't impressed - so we decided to do something about it.  Azultura's facilities are designed from the start to give you the kind of experience that makes you genuinely sorry to be going home at the end of your stay.